Our first product sponsors – Florio Re-connects with Captain Patricia Mack – a 9/11 Hero

Monday 11th June, 2012

Captian Patricia Mack and Jason with his photograph of her from 9/11 Patricia Mack with Jason and the photograph he took of her on 9/11 outside Trinity Church, Broadway, NYC – Image by Neville Elder

Great thanks go to Patty and Tim Mack as our first product sponsors – 2 x cans of pepper spray for our defense on the trail! We might just need them for all those hippo’s on the River Gambia Expedition 2012!

Captain Patricia (Patty) Mack is a retired New York Courts Officer, and her being our first sponsor (along with her husband Tim) comes with special meaning. I photographed her on September 11th 2001, just a few minutes after she appeared from the rubble of the collapse of the World Trade Center’s south tower. We had not communicated since that life changing time, but we were recently re-acquainted when she kindly agreed to be in the documentary I have been working on with my colleague, Neville Elder about our experiences photographing that tragic day. http://vimeo.com/42015321

Patty also kindly  gave me a commemorative 9/11 pin, which I’ll be honored to wear on the expedition. Patty’s colleague Capt. Harry Thompson, who perished in the WTC, Patty told me,  lectured as part of the training to recruits, how it is  “…important to enjoy the journey in their career and not focus on completing the training or even worse living your whole career waiting to retire”. Once Harry was gone, Patty said, “it really became our mantra at the Academy so I thought it would be an appropriate gift for your journey”.

Many thanks guys!

Jason and Helen

About River Gambia Expedition 2012

Jason Florio, FRGS: award-winning photojournalist. Helen Jones-Florio: expedition & photography producer. 2009: The couple co-led the West Africa expedition 'A Short Walk in the Gambian Bush - a 930km African odyssey' - the first circumnavigation of the small West African country, by foot, with two donkeys and a cart. Resulting in the award-winning series of portraits of Gambian village chiefs (Alkalo's) www.floriophoto.com (under 'Projects') http://930kmafricanodyssey.tumblr.com/ 2012-13: The couple co-led their second West Africa expedition - 'River Gambia Expedition - 1000km source-sea Africa odyssey' over-landing for 400km and canoeing the River Gambia for 720km https://rivergambiaexpedition2012.wordpress.com
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