More personal thanks from our River Gambia Expedition – to those who made it possible


Andres Garcia_DSF4316 copy

Andres Garcia Lachner, Miami, Florida – Bonto, The Gambia, West Africa

Check our our ‘rolling blog of thanks’ page – we still have more to come. So, if you don’t see your name yet, hold on, we just got back and we have a lot of images to go through. So, please bear with us and we’ll try our very best to send you your personalised thank you photos. In the meantime, keep check in the rolling blog of thanks page.

Thanks a million!

The Florios – River Gambia Expedition team leaders

We did it! With your help x We did it-Polaroid_DSF4403


About River Gambia Expedition 2012

Jason Florio, FRGS: award-winning photojournalist. Helen Jones-Florio: expedition & photography producer. 2009: The couple co-led the West Africa expedition 'A Short Walk in the Gambian Bush - a 930km African odyssey' - the first circumnavigation of the small West African country, by foot, with two donkeys and a cart. Resulting in the award-winning series of portraits of Gambian village chiefs (Alkalo's) (under 'Projects') 2012-13: The couple co-led their second West Africa expedition - 'River Gambia Expedition - 1000km source-sea Africa odyssey' over-landing for 400km and canoeing the River Gambia for 720km
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